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Los Angeles Library: About Us

About AMDA Libraries

The American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA) has two performing arts libraries, one at each AMDA campus (New York and Los Angeles). Together, AMDA Libraries serve hundreds of students and full-time and adjunct AMDA faculty, administrators, and staff. The AMDA Libraries contain print & electronic books, plays, screenplays, songbooks, DVDs, print & digital magazines, research databases and more!

AMDA LA Library Staff

Ceora Brown (Library Director, LA Campus)

Ceora Brown worked as the Director of Library Services at the Los Angeles Film School before joining the AMDA Los Angeles Library team as its Director. She has a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in English Literature from CSU Los Angeles and a master’s degree in Library and Information Science from San Jose State University. Ceora is a California native and has worked in various arts, media and entertainment environments. Her career in performing arts libraries includes work as a Library Director for Mt. Sierra College and as a music archivist at the Recording Academy. In her spare time, Ceora loves to read plays and watch films. Her other interests are: American and British Literature, Dance Choreography, Film and Television, Music Production and Theatre. She’s always happy to help you and can be consulted on any type of research question.

Lindsey Garcia Freiberg (Library Coordinator, LA Campus)

 Lindsey García Freiberg is an AMDA Alumn who graduated from the LA campus in October of 2022 with a BFA in Performing Arts and a focus on Musical Theatre. After being a Student Worker in the Performing Arts Library from 2019 on, when Lindsey graduated they moved on to become the Library Services Coordinator and supervise the next generation of Student Workers. Lindsey uses they/them pronouns and is also a working, actor, singer, and writer in Los Angeles with a passion for acting, traveling, dogs, cows and other animals, and memes.

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2024 Student Workers

The AMDA LA Library employs up to 12 AMDA students every semester.  If you ever need assistance within the AMDA LA Library, just find a student worker in their blue AMDA LIBRARY t-shirt to help you! 

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