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Los Angeles Library: Online Collections

AMDA subscriptions

Accessing the Online Collections

AMDA's subscriptions are accessible to active students, faculty, and staff. After clicking on your desired collection, you'll have two options for logging in as an AMDA user...

Sign in with Google

The online collections can be accessed using an AMDA Google account. Students and Faculty should sign in with Google. If you receive an error message from Google, please contact the AMDA IT at If you need any other assistance please contact

Sign in with AMDA ID

The online collections can also be accessed using the 5-digit number on the back of your AMDA ID. Staff should sign in with their ID. This number will be used in both username and password fields. If you do not know your personal login number, your ID is not accessible, or you have not yet been issued an ID card, please contact the for assistance.

Don't know where to start?...

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That's easy to fix! Just schedule a Zoom appointment with one of the friendly AMDA Librarians for help of any kind, simply by using the link below:

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