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Elizabeth Mork

About Elizabeth - Public Services and Instruction Librarian

Elizabeth Mork is excited to join the AMDA Los Angeles Library team as their Public Services and Instruction Librarian. Elizabeth has a bachelor’s degree in Theatre from Grinnell College and a master’s degree in Library and Information Science from Emporia State University. She also spent a semester abroad in the United Kingdom studying with the London Dramatic Academy. Outside of theatre and libraries, she spent a few years studying Gender and Cultural Studies with an emphasis on storytelling and the role of theatre criticism in making meaning for audiences, specifically using the lens of psychoanalysis and subaltern studies. She has taught college classes on social change and theatre classes for elementary school. Originally from Northern California, Elizabeth has lived in Iowa, Illinois, Massachusetts, and Idaho. Elizabeth is passionate about directing, dramaturgy, and pedagogy. She’s excited to chat about teaching, libraries, and plays!

Lindsey Garcia Freiberg


Lindsey Garcia Freiberg

 Library Assistant 


About Lindsey - Library Assistant

Lindsey Garcia Freiberg is a freshly graduated Summer 2022 alumni and has been working on campus in the library since 2019. Lindsey has just received their BFA in Performing Arts with a focus on musical theatre, though their heart lies with acting before anything else. Lindsey began performing and training technically as an actor at the age of 5 and ever since has spent the last 19 years of their life constantly immersed within storytelling. Whilst acting has always been Lindsey’s main passion, writing is a close second. From short form thought splatters in their ever rotating journal collection, to fully formed narratives, and dialogue that attempts to encapsulate the human experience. Beyond their lifeline that is performing, Lindsey is also an avid reader, a dog and animal fanatic, a bit of an odd duck, and a meme enthusiast. Lindsey hopes and plans to pursue a career in international film work, but until then, they couldn’t be more enthusiastic to remain apart of the library fam™.

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