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Early Musical Theatre, Vaudeville and Operetta Project (EVO)



Distance Learning Changes

Due to AMDA Online Distance Learning, all song requests MUST come from musical theater or voice teachers. Please do not request music from the library directly. 



Your goal in preparing your piece is to create a period specific performance that incorporates physical and vocal stylistic choices from the past with the work you’re doing first semester on Particularization and Actions. By combining extensive period research with An Approach To A Song, you will create a performance that will entertain a modern audience while acknowledging the past. In the process of doing your research, many of the performances you will see and hear may be close to the original period performance style and others may not. You should not be simply copying these performances. You should use specific details you learn from listening, watching, observing and reading about the period to create a distinct, individual performance
of your own.

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