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Los Angeles Library: Requests

This is the homepage for AMDA's Los Angeles campus Performing Arts Library.

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Request PDFs from the Library

Use the forms on the right side of this page to request digital copies of AMDA Library materials.

There are different forms for specific media, so please choose the form that best suits your request needs. 

Please note:

  • Each requested item must be submitted individually on its own form. If you add multiple items to a single form, we will only consider the first item listed. 
  • We do our best to respond to all requests within 1 business day (no nights or weekends), but please remember that staff is limited and there may be a slight delay. Each request is handled personally by staff - this is not an automated system.
  • Please limit daily submissions to no more than 5 requests per day so that Library Staff can respond to everyone's requests in a timely manner. 
  • Before submitting a request, please check the Library Catalog! Many requested items are available to check out immediately as an e-book format via the catalog. Other great places to search before placing your request include Open Library, a free web-based public library, and, a popular user-submitted content sharing platform (this is not a free resource, but they have a generous free trial period, which can be paused while not in active use).
  • These request forms are only for PDF-format items. If you are looking for audio or video files, please visit our Online Collections page.
  • We may send you a PDF of the file directly, link you to the item from one of the Library's Online Collections, or give you information/links to a publicly-available copy.
  • If your request necessitates making a scan of a physical item in the Library, a longer turn-around time is required to ensure staff safety and access to campus. The library will try to inform you if a long wait time is expected before you will receive your item.
  • We do our best to find copies of all requests, but there are some items that we are unable to provide in digital format. If we are unable to fill your request, we will let you know so that you can make other arrangements or request an alternative item.

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